Quotes and analysis

"I am your number one fan."

- Annie Wilkes to Paul Sheldon
There was something about this quote that irked me the first time I read it, despite being possibly the most simple thing said in the book. Even though Annie was barely characterized when she said this, I just had a bad feeling on how ironic it was that Paul's "biggest fan" was the one person to save him.

"She was crazy but he needed her. Oh I am in so much trouble he thought, and stared blindly up at the ceiling as the droplets of sweat began to gather on his forehead again."

- Paul Sheldon about Annie Wilkies
In this quote, you can clearly see the struggle Paul is going through, having no choice but to trust a woman who tormented him so that he could survive. You could also see how this relates to his addiction: feeling like he needs to withstand Annie and her tortures to feed his Novril addiction.

"She had stolen a rare bird with beautiful feathers-- a rare bird which came from Africa."

-Paul Sheldon thoughts about Annie Wilkes
This quote requires a bit of context: in Paul's childhood, he visited a zoo and saw a rare African bird in a cage. Upon seeing it imprisoned, he began to cry. Here, he is comparing himself to the bird; a caged animal completely at the hands of its captors.

"How its heart beats! How it struggles to get away! As we do, Paul, as we do. We think we know so much, but we really don't know any more than a rat-- a rat with a broken back that thinks it still wants to live."

- Annie Wilkes to Paul Sheldon
After presenting Paul with a rat stuck in a trap, Annie seems to compare him to the dying creature: implying she knows how much he yearns to escape from her. Taking note of the last bit of the quote, it gives off the feeling that Annie is hinting at killing Paul.